Friday, 9 March 2012

what i really am

full idea: theDUMBER

theDUMB: : let the pictures tell the story.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

the DumB Princesses...

the dumbthe dumberthe dumbest

In a kingdom far far away, there was a princess....

called the dumb.  the princess suddenly has two other sisters called...

chiku dumber and chika dumbest.  they like to poke each other's nose while....

they were eating nuts.  one day, while they were eating nut, suddenly...

a bear came and growl at them.  the sisters....

fart as loud as they can until the bear fainted and all the trees around them die.  then, come a handsome prince, he....

looks pale because he also smell the fart.  the sisters run to the prince and ask him.

   the dumb      : who are you man? are you the owner of the bear??we are so sorry. we killed the bear.

   the prince     : wow...amazing....the smell of the truely amazing...i never met anyone who fart as smelly as this...

   the dumber   : in my country that is our best self defense.  we've been trained since child.

   the dumb      : you should be honored for being able to smell it from us.

   the prince     : errr.....ok...actually i want to find a wife.  do you know anybody who....

  (continuation): has these criterias?
                            (i) has samsung galaxy note
                            (ii) has an audi
                            (iii) can cook 100 dishes
                            (iv) has galaxy tab
                            (v) she's dumb

   the dumber  : ooh...i have the perfect candidate, she is my sister dumb and you bet she is DUMB

   the prince    : oh, when can i meet her?

   the dumbest: you will meet her when you are...

 (continuation): dead.

   the prince   : OMG..why??

   the dumber : because that's the condition

   the prince   : who do you think you are to come up with that condition?

   the dumbest: we are the dumbs

   the prince   : so what?

   the dumber : god love dumb people and dumb people will never....

 (continuation): die because no matter what we will be okay.

then the three dumb sisters run off to their city and live happily ever after.

written by: THE DUMB, THE DUMBER AND THE DUMBEST....during song and poetry class...=)